Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 8 May 26 Great winds from here to Falmouth

No wind for much of last night, but a 00:40 it came in again from the west. So Wing and wing again with the speed slowly building. By 11:00 the wind had shifted to the SW and Taonui was off on a broad reach making 6.8n 7.0 knots. Lovely smooth sailing. I'm now in UK Shipping Forecast waters ( only 11 hrs to noon as clocks lost a hour) and the forecast for my area, Sole, SW Force 4 veering NW. Looking at this morning's weather fax, it should hold in the NW on Monday. A deepening low approaching northern Scotland. High in Biscay. And the Atlantic High has gone north and east, reaching all the way to Nova Scotia.

Noon position 48.44N 12.55W, noon-to-noon (11 hrs) 125 miles, 309 to go.

Coryn flies to London on Monday and will be coming down to Falmouth on Friday morning.

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